Hairanew Review

April 28, 2016 @ 4:44 am

If you have an issue with growing your hair out or you just want to have fuller thicker hair, then you have probably have tried everything out there. Hairanew is something new. It is a biotin based hair growth supplement that has 11 active ingredients that will help to give you vibrant and healthy hair.

Does Biotin Promote Hair Growth?

Naturenetics, the manufacturer made sure to focus on giving you healthy and better hair so they added 10 more ingredients to the biotin to really make it better and to give you better results when you use it. Since it has been third party tested and certified, it means that you are getting a good product. So, for a decent price you are getting a high quality hair supplement that will improve your hair growth and address any type of vitamin deficiencies that you may have.

In this review I will tell you about HairAnew and I think you’re going to love it. If you are still unsureabout this hair supplement, once you have the full picture on what HairAnew is all about.

Biotin Hair Growth Vitamin Supplement

Naturenetics is the creator of HairAnew and it was founded with the hope and vision of being the main leader in natural products that would be able to help all their users meet their health goals. It is because of this vision that the company will only use high quality natural ingredients that are available on the market right now. The main idea was to create a hair supplement that would give the world a piece of mind and a say so about what they are putting into their bodies to help their hair grow. The response with the release of HairAnew has been nothing but positive. Although Naturenetics is new, HairAnew has gotten a lot of positive feedback and it ranks up there with other popular hair supplements. Now let’s take a look at those important ingredients that make HairAnew what it is.

In HairAnew there are only 11 ingredients and that include Biotin and for one dose it contains 5000mcg of biotin. Since biotin is a complex B vitamin, formerly called Vitamin H, it supports your metabolism, skin, hair, nails, and even digestion. The only reason why this vitamin is found in hair products is because it helps to improve natural keratin, which is a protien that is found all over your hair and nails. People who have biotin deficiencies will have really brittle nails and even may have hair loss.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a really nice antioxidant compound that will slow down the aging process of your hair. So basically, it will keep your hair young and gray free. It also helps to strengthen it and protects it from your daily hair damaging routine. Plus it boosts the production of collagen which will firm up the skin and keep it tone.

Kelp happens to be a seaweed that is rich in vitamins and minerals that grows near the coasts of the pacific and Atlantic oceans. It is really packed full of iodine and the reason that it was put into HairAnew is because it gives your body iron and l-lycine which help to promote the growth of hair.

You will also find Vitamins B and E, Inositol, Silica, Bamboo extract and zinc. The whole supplement is then wrapped in vegetarian friendly capsule. Now let’s talk some pros and cons.


Suggested Dosage

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  • It helps your body to produce energy.
  • It is affordable.
  • Supports and improves the skin and production of collagen.
  • Strengthens your nails and hair.


  • May cause skin rashes.
  • Can interfere with medications that you take, especially antibiotics.
  • Certain foods could interfere with absorbing biotin


This is a good product that will really improve your hair quality and there are plenty of people who will verify this. It is vegetarian safe and you don’t have to worry about a whole bunch of side effects.


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