Eating Organic Food During Pregnancy

March 22, 2017 @ 5:03 am

If you are pregnant, the question likely crossed your mind about eating organic foods, not eating organic foods, which ones you should eat, and why? The simple fact is that chemicals have become a common tool in making sure crops turn out. Pesticides are used for killing bugs, but the residue remains on the fruits and veggies come harvesting. This goes for other foods, such as dairy and meat products that came from animals that were provided pesticide treated feed.

There have been various associations linking health concerns and pesticide usage, such as eye and skin irritations, neural issues, lung issues and even cancer. Research has also shown traces of pesticide chemicals in the amniotic fluid, breast milk and even the blood from umbilical cords. Once that sinks in, it seems possible that infants and growing fetuses could be highly sensitive to very small amounts of the chemicals.

However, produce grown organically means they are produce without the common pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, or animals are not fed chemically treated food or treated with antibiotics and hormones.

So, by eating organic food when you’re pregnant (or any time) can have many health benefits for you and your fetus or baby. Although, when eating organic, the food may be less appealing because it is all natural, without additives, preservatives and all those things that are being added to most non-organic food products to increase appeal and shelf life. None of which are healthy.