Benefit of Organic Products for Babies

March 22, 2017 @ 5:01 am

During pregnancy you may have thought about organic foods, after birth it is also important to consider organic products for your baby. Compared to adults, baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive, and five times thinner than adults. This makes choosing the proper products an important factor in your baby’s health.

There are various benefits of using organic products, such as lotions, bedding and even clothes when it comes to your baby. This is because organic products do not use certain chemicals, like Phthalates that are common in lotion. By avoiding these products, you do not have to worry about the chemicals harming the skin of your baby or the barrier of the skin.

By using clothing that is organic, it can avoid irritation occurring with your baby’s skin and makes your baby more comfortable.

Organic soap is created without harsh chemicals that dry out the skin, this helps avoid moisture loss and keeps your baby’s skin soft of smooth.

Organic cotton ensures pesticide were not used that could leave residue, or other chemicals.

Organic clothing usually does not require special cleaning instructions. Of course, purchasing organic is only the first part when it comes to clothing. You should also ensure that the clothing properly fits your baby too. Clothing that does not fit properly could lead to discomfort, and even skin rashes. Clothing should fit to allow freedom in movement, to reduce rash causing friction.