Hair Tips for Moms on the Run

Being a mom, one thing that you will be doing is going, constantly. This leaves very little time for personal time, and that means your hair may become a thing of the past and the mess of the here and now. But, what if you could actually find time to stay with the current trends, while being a busy mom? Sounds great doesn’t it? Below we’ll cover a few need to have hair products to get your hair looking stylish in a short amount of time.

Curling wand

When you want to get that curvy and wavy hair look, but you don’t have much time. You have so many options, you’ll be able to do this and improve your hairstyle quickly. By holding it vertical, your hair will have a classic curl, while you get waves by holding it at a slant. Then, horizontal will provide you with more wave and less curl.

Flat Iron

This can be used to smooth hair, but it can also make curls and waves in a pinch. But, keep in mind not to turn the heat up too high (this goes for all tools). This can damage your hair and make things worse.

Boar Bristle Brush

When you want to have a blown out look, this is a great brush to use with a hair dryer. You are going to find that it makes your hair much quicker to dry compared to using a regular hairbrush.


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Eating Organic Food During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, the question likely crossed your mind about eating organic foods, not eating organic foods, which ones you should eat, and why? The simple fact is that chemicals have become a common tool in making sure crops turn out. Pesticides are used for killing bugs, but the residue remains on the fruits and veggies come harvesting. This goes for other foods, such as dairy and meat products that came from animals that were provided pesticide treated feed.

There have been various associations linking health concerns and pesticide usage, such as eye and skin irritations, neural issues, lung issues and even cancer. Research has also shown traces of pesticide chemicals in the amniotic fluid, breast milk and even the blood from umbilical cords. Once that sinks in, it seems possible that infants and growing fetuses could be highly sensitive to very small amounts of the chemicals.

However, produce grown organically means they are produce without the common pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, or animals are not fed chemically treated food or treated with antibiotics and hormones.

So, by eating organic food when you’re pregnant (or any time) can have many health benefits for you and your fetus or baby. Although, when eating organic, the food may be less appealing because it is all natural, without additives, preservatives and all those things that are being added to most non-organic food products to increase appeal and shelf life. None of which are healthy.

Benefit of Organic Products for Babies

During pregnancy you may have thought about organic foods, after birth it is also important to consider organic products for your baby. Compared to adults, baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive, and five times thinner than adults. This makes choosing the proper products an important factor in your baby’s health.

There are various benefits of using organic products, such as lotions, bedding and even clothes when it comes to your baby. This is because organic products do not use certain chemicals, like Phthalates that are common in lotion. By avoiding these products, you do not have to worry about the chemicals harming the skin of your baby or the barrier of the skin.

By using clothing that is organic, it can avoid irritation occurring with your baby’s skin and makes your baby more comfortable.

Organic soap is created without harsh chemicals that dry out the skin, this helps avoid moisture loss and keeps your baby’s skin soft of smooth.

Organic cotton ensures pesticide were not used that could leave residue, or other chemicals.

Organic clothing usually does not require special cleaning instructions. Of course, purchasing organic is only the first part when it comes to clothing. You should also ensure that the clothing properly fits your baby too. Clothing that does not fit properly could lead to discomfort, and even skin rashes. Clothing should fit to allow freedom in movement, to reduce rash causing friction.

The Bugaboo Frog – the greatest stroller ever!

New parents quickly learn that getting around is not so easy anymore, but the Bugaboo frog stroller can change that. The safety of a baby product is the first thing parents look for, and there is a reason that the Bugaboo frog stroller is the greatest in the world, keep reading to find out why!

What’s great about the Frog

Reasonable from beginning to time three, quality put together and well-made, range of motion.

What could be better about the Frog

This stroller came from Holland, originating in 1999 and designed by a Design Academy of Eindhoven graduate, Max Barenburg. It’s a prized product because of the many wedding dress style features. I mean, it’s color is bright, the design is amazing and attractive, and even celebrities enjoy this stroller.

My review of the Bugaboo Frog Stroller

When it comes to a stroller, the second thing I look for is how easy it is to use and that includes pushing it. The design makes pushing it easy and the movement as natural as possible for the child. When it comes to storing the stroller, it’s just as easy. I can fold this stroller quickly and put it away or in my trunk, and makes carrying it simple. For those with average size trunks, you shouldn’t have any issues. All you need to know about the Bugaboo Frog is here.

The folding system is designed as a 1-button, and the weight of the stroller comes in right at 17lbs. Height is the third area I look at, because I don’t want to be hutched over or wishing I was taller. The Bugaboo allows the height to be adjusted just for you! I loved this feature.

For what ages can you use the Bugaboo Frog?

The comfort of this stroller is great for children up to pre-school age, making it the main (if not only) stroller needed. Having an infant, I was able to make use of the fact it easily carried my in fact car seats too. I know most parents will love this feature as well. The design matches up with most car seats, which allowed me to snap the seat into the stroller. Bugaboo has ensured safety every way possible with this one! Another awesome brand for stroller is Mountain Buggy and Baby Jogger.

The next thing I looked at was the max weight the stroller can hold. I was glad to see it would hold up to 37lbs, meaning I would not need to buy another stroller in the near future. I had no reason not to fall in love with the Bugaboo Frog Stroller!


  • Adjustable height
  • Compatible with most car seats – snaps in for safety
  • Easy folding system, only weighting 17lbs


  • Can be on the expensive side of the spectrum


If you are looking for a stroller with safety as the number one concern, and have the budget for the Bugaboo Frog Stroller, I highly recommend it. On top of safety, comfort for both the parent and child are considered in the design, and the child can grow with it without needing more strollers.


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Hairanew Review

If you have an issue with growing your hair out or you just want to have fuller thicker hair, then you have probably have tried everything out there. Hairanew is something new. It is a biotin based hair growth supplement that has 11 active ingredients that will help to give you vibrant and healthy hair.

Does Biotin Promote Hair Growth?

Naturenetics, the manufacturer made sure to focus on giving you healthy and better hair so they added 10 more ingredients to the biotin to really make it better and to give you better results when you use it. Since it has been third party tested and certified, it means that you are getting a good product. So, for a decent price you are getting a high quality hair supplement that will improve your hair growth and address any type of vitamin deficiencies that you may have.

In this review I will tell you about HairAnew and I think you’re going to love it. If you are still unsureabout this hair supplement, once you have the full picture on what HairAnew is all about.

Biotin Hair Growth Vitamin Supplement

Naturenetics is the creator of HairAnew and it was founded with the hope and vision of being the main leader in natural products that would be able to help all their users meet their health goals. It is because of this vision that the company will only use high quality natural ingredients that are available on the market right now. The main idea was to create a hair supplement that would give the world a piece of mind and a say so about what they are putting into their bodies to help their hair grow. The response with the release of HairAnew has been nothing but positive. Although Naturenetics is new, HairAnew has gotten a lot of positive feedback and it ranks up there with other popular hair supplements. Now let’s take a look at those important ingredients that make HairAnew what it is.

In HairAnew there are only 11 ingredients and that include Biotin and for one dose it contains 5000mcg of biotin. Since biotin is a complex B vitamin, formerly called Vitamin H, it supports your metabolism, skin, hair, nails, and even digestion. The only reason why this vitamin is found in hair products is because it helps to improve natural keratin, which is a protien that is found all over your hair and nails. People who have biotin deficiencies will have really brittle nails and even may have hair loss.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a really nice antioxidant compound that will slow down the aging process of your hair. So basically, it will keep your hair young and gray free. It also helps to strengthen it and protects it from your daily hair damaging routine. Plus it boosts the production of collagen which will firm up the skin and keep it tone.

Kelp happens to be a seaweed that is rich in vitamins and minerals that grows near the coasts of the pacific and Atlantic oceans. It is really packed full of iodine and the reason that it was put into HairAnew is because it gives your body iron and l-lycine which help to promote the growth of hair.

You will also find Vitamins B and E, Inositol, Silica, Bamboo extract and zinc. The whole supplement is then wrapped in vegetarian friendly capsule. Now let’s talk some pros and cons.


Suggested Dosage

Suggested Reading:

Another link is here –


  • It helps your body to produce energy.
  • It is affordable.
  • Supports and improves the skin and production of collagen.
  • Strengthens your nails and hair.


  • May cause skin rashes.
  • Can interfere with medications that you take, especially antibiotics.
  • Certain foods could interfere with absorbing biotin


This is a good product that will really improve your hair quality and there are plenty of people who will verify this. It is vegetarian safe and you don’t have to worry about a whole bunch of side effects.


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Managing your energy when pregnant


Managing your energy when pregnant – do you need prenatal vitamins?

Having energy when your pregnant is hard because let’s face it, our bodies are using a lot of energy to help our babies grow. Having a low energy level makes it hard to complete any of our daily responsibilities such as work or keeping up with home life. There are a lot of strategies that could help you to become more energized and make you healthier during your pregnancy.

The first thing you should do if you’re interested in Spring Valley Vitamins is check out this link.

Prioritizing your responsibilities

Having a busy schedule is going to drain your energy that you manage to have during your pregnancy. It is okay to cut back on some of those responsibilities and commitments to give yourself a bit of rest. This could include cutting back volunteer hours, working less hours or even having someone else do your household chores. When you being prioritizing your responsibilities, you are going to conserve your energy levels for the stuff that is considered really important like that mandatory staff meeting or your mom and dad’s anniversary dinner.

Adjusting to a new diet

What you put into your body is going to affect your energy level. That is why it is recommended that you add a prenatal vitamin to your diet. You have to increase your foods that contain high levels of protein and iron to give yourself a natural energy boost. Eating high iron foods is going to help you to avoid iron deficiency anemia, which causes severe loss of energy. Eating foods that contain vitamin c such as broccoli, peppers, orange juice, and even strawberries with your iron rich foods because the vitamin c will help your body to absorb the iron. If you are looking to boost your iron levels try eating lentils, enriched cereals, and red meat. Protein is going to give your body fuel. So include things like eggs, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and chicken. Don’t forget to increase your calorie intake by 300 calories. Avoid junk foods that have a lot of sugar and fat, which will zap your energy. Drink plenty of water as well as these foods to boost your energy.

Move around

Moving around and exercising doesn’t really sound awesome when you have low energy levels, but it will give you an energy boost when you are pregnant. Having moderate exercise daily such as 30 minute slow walk should be enough to give you that boost of energy. When you feel that your energy is going down, get up and stretch or walk around. You can also join a prenatal exercise class that will help you to find a routine that will work for you and that is safe for a pregnant woman. 30 minutes daily is recommended unless your doctor says that it isn’t okay.

Sleeping More

Lack of sleep will contribute to your lack of energy. When pregnant it is recommended that you get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. If you are running out of energy daily, try getting to bed earlier. Listen to your body to help you determine when you need to get some rest or take short naps during the day which is recommended by the APA or American Pregnancy Association.

Dietary supplements when pregnant

What makes a good diet when pregnant?

What does having a good diet mean when you are pregnant? Whenever diet is talked about for pregnancy, no one is talking about decreasing your calories or even trying to lose some of your weight. Dieting during your pregnancy can actually be bad for not only you but for your baby as well, because your weight loss regimen could restrict various nutrients like folic acid, iron and other important minerals and vitamins.  So you need to avoid popular diets like South Beach, Raw Food Diet, Atkins, The Zone and others like it.If balanced and healthy diet is actually used prior to maternity.

Vitamin intake during pregnancy

The type of diet that is encouraged during your pregnancy is talking about fixing your eating habits to ensure that you are getting enough nutrition for you as well as the baby. Eating really healthy during your pregnancy is vital to the development and growth of the baby. In order to get all the nutrients that you will need, you have to eat a variety of food groups such as vegetables, fruits, grains, breads, dairy and protein. You will need an extra 300 calories consumed daily.

It is very important that you eat a large variety of foods during the day to ensure that you are getting the right nutrients that you and your baby needs. To have the right nutrients you need to start by creating a healthy diet pregnancy. Let’s start with vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits will contain a lot of important nutrients such as Folic Acid and Vitamin C. A pregnant woman will need to consume at least 70 mg of Vitamin C everyday, which is found in honeydew, oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, broccoli and even brussel sprouts. To prevent neural tube defects, you will need 0.4 mg of Folic Acid daily. You can find this in dark leafy greens and you need at least 4 or more servings of vegetables and at least 4 servings of fruits daily.Try

Your body’s main source of energy during pregnancy will come from the carbs found in grains and breads. You will need whole grain and enriched products provides important nutrients like B vitamins, Iron, some protein, and fiber. You can get your required amounts of folic acid from breads and cereals. Depending on your dietary needs and your weight, you need to consume around 6 to 11 servings of grains and breads daily.


Eggs, poultry, fish, meat, and beans will give you the protein that you need as well as iron and B Vitamins for pregnancy. Your baby will need a lot of protein especially during the second and third trimesters. Iron will help to carry oxygen to your baby and will carry oxygen to your muscles to help avoid things like depression, weakness, fatigues, and irritability.

You will also need around 1000 mg of calcium daily during pregnancy. Calcium is vital to building strong bones and teeth, normal blood clotting, nerve and muscle function. Since your baby will need a lot of calcium, your body will take the calcium from your bones if you don’t consume enough in your diet. For further info –

You can also add prenatal vitamins to help give you the right nutrients needed.

Tips for buying a diaper bag for a boy

Having the right type of diaper bag for little boy can really help you to reduce your stress that you experience when are heading out for the first time or if this is a regular outing. Diaper changing while away from home isn’t always easy and having a good diaper bag will certainly make things a lot easier by making sure that you have what you need and keeping it organized. Having a nice tote that is really stylish but has bad functionality will make you go insane especially when you have a screaming baby and you can’t find the diaper cream. A great diaper bag is going to be able to have all the baby essentials in an organized way. Below are some tips that you need to know.We used as our reference.

Storage is going to be your friend.

When you are looking for the right diaper bag, you need to consider storage. When it comes to storage, it isn’t just about being able to carry everything but it’s about doing so in an organized way. If you are a new mom, you will certainly be surprised at just how much stuff you are going to have in that bag for you and your baby. Normally you are going to find things such as diapers, extra clothing, bottles, formula, wipes, cream, lotion, nursing cover, burp clothes, changing pad, toys, binkies, and that is just for the baby. That doesn’t include your items such as cell phone, keys, sunscreen, snacks, wallet and of course hand sanitizer.

A good bag will be able to fit most of these things in there and make them easy to get to. Exterior storage such as insulated bottle pockets, as well as cellphone pockets, changing pad, and wipe pockets are really functional. But then you have those pesky bags that contain Velcro.

You need to fear Velcro because it is noisy which can be loud enough to wake a sleeping baby, it sticks to random fabrics and ruins soft material, and it wears out quickly.

Consider the needs of mom

When it comes to being easy to use, you need a bag that will contain you and your baby items. You need a space for your personal items because it can be a hassle to carry around a bulky purse and a large diaper bag as well as the baby.Are you going to often become by using a buggy? Another site is

Quality does count.

Even though micro-fiber is easy to clean and thick, it is very prone to tears. Having a quality bag is kind of important. You are going to need a durable fabric that will last you through everything with your baby. This is basically an investment.

Try before you buy.

This is one of the most important things about purchasing a diaper bag. You need to try it out before you make it your final purchase. If you are like me then shopping online is a big deal, and you should find a retailer that has a really good return policy. Get your essentials handy and then pack the bag and see how it feels to you. Are you able to get to things with one hand? Is it comfortable to you when fully packed? During the end of the day, having a functional, durable, and comfortable diaper bag will make a huge difference.

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